Interviews with direct selling CEOs, executives and innovators from around the world to discover what does innovation look like for direct sellers and where does the future of our industry lie.
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The Real Value of Retention

Has your company done the math on the real value of retention? Michel Bayan, Co-founder, and CEO of Directech Labs.   What is the real value of retaining your people?! We see a lot of businesses spending tremendous energy on recruiting and selling new customers and distributors, and...

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Focus on The Customer

Focus on The Customer Michel Bayan, Directech Labs CEO/Founder   Discussing the idea of the Life Time Value of a customer and how some people are better suited to you Direct Selling company as a customer than as Reps. Watch the video below. ...

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Big Data

The DSEF and Big Data At the Direct Selling Association's 2016 Annual Meeting, a panel of leading experts on the Big Data Revolution shared their insights with more than 1000 of Direct Selling industry executives. What is Big Data: Extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns,...

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Podcast Interview With Dan Burrus

The Silver Lining in Regulatory Changes.  Agility and seeing into the future. Daniel Burrus  Keynote Speaker, Business Strategist, and Global Futurist    Daniel was the keynote speaker at the 2016 DSA annual meeting where he shared his thoughts about understanding the future, as things are changing so quickly the only way for us...

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FTC Action for Herbalife

What if the recent FTC action against Herbalife is a good thing, specifically as it relates to the separation of customers and distributors?  Perhaps hidden in this settlement is a clue to a more efficient, profitable business with more mainstream acceptance and appeal.  A business that no longer...